Sandwiched between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach is a small Floridian city upholding the very essence of the Sunshine State. Regarded as an up-and-coming community, Delray Beach is home to 60,000 residents.

Though founded on old roots, Delray Beach is quickly adapting to modern culture. From redeveloping cultural amenities to refining coastal living, Delray Beach is making continual efforts to entice the younger generation.

As a result, it’s evolved into a burgeoning community of growing interest. The city’s newfound allure raises the question of where to live in Delray Beach. The answer lies in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Delray Beach. 

Pineapple Grove 

Offering museums, restaurants, boutiques, and beachside festivities, Pineapple Grove is rife with activity. The town’s artistic flair makes for enduring appeal, and it’s in large part why young professionals are flocking here. Pineapple Grove enjoys nightlife, modest living, and sophisticated eateries. This neighborhood's most inviting feature is its proximity to the beach. If you fancy a quick walk to the shoreline, Pineapple Grove is right up your alley. 

Banker’s Row 

As diverse as it is affluent, Banker’s Row offers intrigue and culture. Hallmarked for its varied architecture, Banker’s Row is a mixture of 20th century elegance and revived Spanish design. No doubt a young person’s playground, Banker’s Row is known for its street festivals and downtown entertainment. Residents are particularly keen on this area because of its upward mobility. 

Lake Ida 

Located on Atlantic Avenue, Lake Ida is family-friendly and wildly active. From galleries and shops to cafes and grocery stores, Lake Ida is well-equipped. Comprised of lakefront homes, Lake Ida appeals to those who enjoy waterside living. Boasting an “Old Florida charm,” this neighborhood oozes history and attraction. With the community growing in popularity, Lake Ida home sales have reached an all-time high. 

Central Delray Beach 

Fringed with lush greenery, central Delray Beach is a treasure trove of kid-friendly festivities, single-family living, and natural scenic beauty. Rich with amenities, central Delray Beach offers parks, movies, and downtown attractions. The neighborhood's active atmosphere attracts families and budding professionals alike. Renowned for its progressive development, central Delray Beach is one of the more reformed areas. 

Downtown Delray Beach 

Much like its name suggests, Downtown Delray Beach is central to downtown activity. Trademarked for its trendy edge and historical roots, Downtown Delray Beach is the exemplar of a modern-day community. Located near several major highways, this neighborhood is easy accessible. A mere five minutes from the beach, it's the perfect blend of beachy and sophisticated.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash